Steam Equipment

steam equipment

steam equipment

Our company offers consulting and engineering services for the creation of effective steam condensate systems, paper machines and dryers, is working on the modernization of steam condensate systems of production.

The basis of the modernization of steam and condensate systems in most cases includes installation of steam ejectors (Thermocompressor) German firm Baelz, designed to mix the two vapor streams at different pressures at varying load.

The range of application is wide enough ejectors, they are used in vapor recovery systems, secondary boiling, load control for heat exchangers, including groups of heat exchangers (plate presses, rotary drying cylinders, rollers, etc.).

Ejectors can effectively replace the system of regulation of c control valves and steam traps, thus making heat transfer more efficient and more reliable system.

Ejector combines two functions:

  • control valve;
  • jet pump.