Vibration diagnostics

For mechanisms rotor-type class (electric motors, pumps, fans, turbines, generators, etc.), spread widely all over the world have control methods based on the measurement of vibration parameters (control rate of vibration). This is due to the fact that the vibration is a consequence of the action of disturbing forces in the mechanism and thus the vibration signal carries information about the state of the mechanism and its kinematic constraints of individual nodes. In this case, the theory and practice of the analysis of vibration signals by now worked out so that you can get reliable information on almost any installation defects, manufacturing or wear and perform the elimination of vibration.

As used in this technical means, usually can not only control the condition of the machinery, but also provide a solution to the operational problems in the operation of adjustment and repair, i.e. elimination of vibration. First of all it concerns the dynamic rotor balancing, quality control and installation of bearings.