Balancing equipment



Balancing — the process of determining values and angles of the rotor imbalances and reduce their weight adjustment (for example, balancing shafts equipment). Balancing shafts equipment must always perform on new shafts and after repair work associated with the shafts, rotors and impellers.

During the design of machines and mechanisms tend to reduce harmful vibrations, choosing the right decisions in the design and manufacturing technology, achieve the weight of all the moving parts of the symmetry by balancing (balancing). However, in the process of manufacture and operation of parts and components there are conditions that violate the symmetry and lead to imbalance. To reduce the imbalance in the manufacture, repair, maintenance performed balancing rotating bodies (shafts equipment) by changing their mass or geometry (static or dynamic balance shafts equipment).

Proper dynamic balancing shafts equipment extends the life of the impeller vanes and a 23 %−100 %, increases the available capacity by 10 %−25 %. Balancing equipment must be performed for all cylindrical or rotationally symmetrical components (shafts).

If you need to spend a single balance, it is advisable to first invite for balancing equipment specialists balancers of our company. To conduct vibration monitoring, diagnostics and dynamic balancing on its own supports mechanisms of rotary type (electric motors, pumps, fans, exhaust fans, etc.), we use the unit VTB−2M