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LLC «Harty»

LLC «Harty»

Место реализации проекта: Russian Federation, 394016, Voronezh, Yasny Passage St., 1, 2008 2013.
Компания-клиент: LLC «Harty»

Commissioned a complex drying paper HDC-1600 Yankee hood on the Yankee cylinder Ø3040 mm. Includes Yankee hood, air ducts, gas stove, fans, system automation.

Initially, in 2008, was made Yankee hood and a circulation fan C7-22-1750 with 160kW electric motor. Heating shall be by steam heaters KP-12. In May, 2013., Heaters replaced with the installation of getting heating agent with a gas burner GOB-1.5 MS.

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